Residential Preventative Maintenance

Bedford Mechanical, Inc. is pleased to introduce our new Residential Preventative Maintenance Program.

Why Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative MaintenanceMany potential problems with your heating, air conditioning or ventilation system can be predicted and prevented when properly maintained. Emergencies can be expensive and inconvenient. Preventative maintenance will help identify issues before they become an emergency. Service can be scheduled at a convenient time!

The safety of our customers and their families is the highest priority for Bedford Mechanical. Every preventative maintenance will include inspections of the electrical components to look for potential fire hazards, as well as testing for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

The Bedford Mechanical Preventative Maintenance Program includes a visit in the fall to prepare for the winter heating season and a spring visit to prepare for summer cooling.

Fall HVAC MaintenanceFall Heating Maintenance Includes:

  • Replace Air Filter(s)
  • Clean or replace* sensors /thermal couple to insure burn operates efficiently and pilot operated correctly (*extra fee applies)
  • Inspect heat exchanger and check for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Inspect blower motor and check for high amperage which could forewarn of a potential failure
  • Inspect electrical components for faulty wires, burns or shorts
  • Inspect all safety mechanisms to prevent overheating
  • Clean drainage from high-efficiency furnaces to prevent system shutdown.

Spring HVAC MaintenanceSpring Cooling Maintenance Includes:

  • Replace Air Filter(s)
  • Clean condensate drains and drain lines with nitrogen to prevent overflow and water damage
  • Charge with Freon, if needed (Freon will be charged separately)
  • Inspect all accessible evaporator coils to prevent icing and improve air quality
  • Inspect blower motor and outdoor condenser to check for high amperage and vibrations which could forewarn of a potential failure
  • Clean outdoor condenser unit
  • Inspect all electrical components for safety